Bodhiraja Buddhist Temple Meditation Center Inc, or the Kentucky Meditation Compassionate Peace Center in Louisville, Kentucky is the place for teaching and promoting mindfulness, loving kindness, compassion, nonviolence, spirituality, meditation, yoga, and Buddhist wisdom in the Buddhist monastic environment.

Our mission is to promote individual peace of mind, compassion for all beings, spiritual growth, and an ethical way of life based on Buddhist principles.

Through loving kindness meditation and the development of mindfulness, we strive to enlighten individuals as to the cause of suffering, the path leading to the cessation of suffering, and an understanding of the true nature of our existence.

KMPC is made of many people all working together to make things happen. Nourished by the Dhamma we practice intellectually through wisdom and knowledge. We practice ethically through good work.

The day Buddha stood up from his meditation under the bodhi treehe bestowed humankind the middle way as the journey of true compassion, happiness, and wisdom, he bestowed humankind 


There is a healthy, reasonable way of living, a simple philosophy that people mistake for a religion, which is a recipe for both world peace and individual sanity. It’s called Dharma, and it’s hardly new – the person who expressed it lived 2500 years ago. Dharma is the kind of wisdom that serves as a life support system for those of us who otherwise don’t get the point of modern, materialistic society.

 Following the “Middle Path” can keep you from going crazy. It’s a trade-off. When you start dealing with the truth by stripping away your veneer of bad learning and misplaced priorities, you see just what a dismal world full of agony and suffering you inhabit.

Fortunately, realizing the truth has a way of setting you free, vaccinating you against the horrors of life, and showing you how to be basically happy, content, self-reliant, and free from fear.


Dharma is the essential knowledge of Buddhism, as expressed by the Buddha 2500 years ago. It consists of a set of universal truths about the human condition (The Four Noble Truths), a list of things to avoid doing (The Five Precepts), and instructions on how to live a perfect life (The Noble Eightfold Path). The Path addresses morality, mental discipline, and wisdom.


Dharma is the Art of Living, Way of Life, The Reality, or The Truth, combining knowledge and practice that empowers you to control your life, maintain sanity, and live harmoniously within society. Students of Dharma appreciate nature and develop compassion for all living beings, which is the source of happiness.


 People live happy lives when they know how happiness is created.

Mindfulness is a skill to be practiced and mastered. Vipassana meditation develops mindfulness and provides personal insight that enables people to deal rationally with their feelings and life circumstances.


Buddhist monks, who are resident at the center, will provide lessons in Vipassana Mindfulness meditation and Dharma teachings everyday. A day, week – long meditation retreats also will held. Personal coaching and counseling are available by arrangement.


Learn and practice Yoga and meditation for gain healthy mind and body. Moreover, experience deep relaxation and peace. Heal your mind and body with deep spirituality and energy with different Healings techniques. All are free but donations are accepted.


Meditation, Spirituality, Yoga, Buddhist wisdom and philosophy does not conflict with anyone’s religious views Buddhism is accepting of all persons regardless of race, age, faith, or gender/sexual orientation.


The place has been formed and supported by compassionate generous devoted, faithful, friendly local community in Kentucky area and around the country. The main purpose, and the intention of the place, to provide all kind of spiritual, religious, and cultural services, and needs, of the community. Samatha, Vipassana, Mindfulness, meditation training and practicing, spiritual discussion and Dhamma talks, Yoga and Healing practicing also available up to your interests. The resident monks, temple development committee, and members of the temple would like to invite you, your family; friends for joining us. We warmly welcome you, and take that as a responsibility to fulfill your spiritual, needs at the greatest level as you wished. The place will be open for everyone, and our practicing, Buddhist wisdom, and philosophy does not conflict with anyone’s religious views. With great compassion, we accepting of all persons regardless of race, age, faith, or gender/sexual orientation.

 Kentucky Meditation (Compassionate) Peace Center (KMPC)

4849 Southside Dr, Louisville, Kentucky 40214, USA.

Telephone – (502 – 224 – 2564 / 502 – 915 – 7777) & Email : reverendnanda@gmail.com


 Web – (https://kmpc.co/) & (http://www.kmcbv.org) 

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